Find your

A Mezcal so smooth it carries
no rules and no labels.

Our flavor can have many destinations, but only one origin:

Oaxaca, Mexico

A magical land, rich in traditions and mother of the espadín maguey, where Mezcal 33 is born. It is here where Mexican artisans still preserve the mezcal legacy, sharing with the rest of the world the secrets that their ancestors discovered hundreds of years ago.

Prepared sustainably, organically, and in harmony with tradition, Mezcal 33 is made from a careful selection of Agave Angustifolia at least eight years old. Cooked in a conical oven and doubly distilled in copper stills. The result is a smooth and pure spirit, ready for you to find your 33.

Find your way

Find your moment

Find your

the master number of your path

That you are reading this is no coincidence. If you are here, it is because 33 guided you to this moment. Why? Because 33 is much more than just the name of our mezcal. It is a unique and powerful number, also known as a master number.

Advancement, growth, and positivity. Boldness and luck in business. Creativity, wisdom, and success. These are just some of the destinies that 33 has for you. So, when it crosses your path, recognize it, appreciate it, and follow it. Because it will guide you to where you want, need, or aspire to go.


Designed for the modern palate and in harmony with traditions, the way we prepare our mezcal redefines the “art” of the word artisanal.

How to

drink it?

In glass or cocktail. Shots or kisses. Anything is possible. These are just some guidelines (not rules) with which you can start the search for your 33. But remember. If life is a work of art, our mezcal is just the format, and you are the artist.

How to

find us?

Your 33 can be anywhere and
catch your attention unexpectedly.
But if you want to look for it, you can start
with these places.: